Promoting Your Soundcloud Account In 2018

We live in a world where almost everything is now based online; tapes and CDs have been replaced with streaming websites like SoundCloud, Spotify, Google Play and many more. As far as accessibility goes, Soundcloud remain one of the best places for both upcoming and A-list artists to host and share their music. The site has been operational for nearly 10 years now, and things have definitely changed during that time; working strategies once relied upon by artists may not be working anymore. Soundcloud is a very dynamic site that requires a dynamic, adaptable approach — in this article, we will be highlighting some tips that can help you in your pursuit of effective Soundcloud promotion in 2018.

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Free Account Versus Soundcloud Pro?

Soundcloud Pro is a paid service that is offered on the site; it gives you the option of listing your songs by order, more upload space for your music and advanced statistical analytics. These are options not available on free accounts; you can only order your music in order of upload date, there is a finite music upload limit and the analytics section is also quite limited.

Setting Up Your Soundcloud Account The Right Way

Setting up your Soundcloud isn’t hard at all, and if done correct you will only need to do it once. To start, change your URL to something other than the Soundcloud default. (eg. If possible, have it reflect your chosen username or your other social media links. List your contact details as clearly as possible; if an opportunity should could your way, you don’t want to miss out because it couldn’t be easily communicated to you.

Next, have a clear and professional-looking photo or logo for your display picture. It might sound simple, but there are many artists who don’t bother and pick an inappropriate image. You only get one first impression, make it a good one; it can be off-putting to see low-quality, pixelated and unprofessional display pictures.

Avoid using the SoundCloud default banner. Create a 2480px by 520px banner image that goes with your display picture or reflects the themes and genre of your music. There are freelance website like Upwork and Fiverr where you can get graphic designers to work for you inexpensively. And if you don’t want to spend money, you can visit a website like Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pexels to get some free high definition images.

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Music Quality Matters

No matter how much you invest in your page and promotional services, if your music is wack then all your efforts will be inconsequential. The biggest problem I see on Soundcloud in terms of music is the mix. A bad mix can make a good song unlistenable and will hamper any traction it could potentially get among fans.

I get that not everyone knows in the ins-and-outs of mixing, but again, sites like Fiverr offer so many inexpensive services from audio engineers that there really is no excuse to have poor, unprofessional mixes. If you’re serious about your music, $20-30 for a high quality mix should be a no-brainer.

Good music will always find its way to the right audience, so keep your expectations in check and be smart in your approach. Along with proper strategy, building a fan-base takes time and commitment. Be patient, be methodical. Good luck with your music in 2018!